What is tendinopathy? By Terry Christensen

Tendinopathy is now the preferred term to reflect the dynamic nature of tendon related pain. We are moving away from tendinitis or tendinosis. Tendinopathy is easily one of the most common conditions we see in the clinic, however there is a lot of misinformation out there.  Here are some facts that are reflected in the…
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What is Biomedical Acupuncture By Terry Christensen

Biomedical Acupuncture is a highly effective form of therapy. It’s use is for the treatment of a multitude of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.   Biomedical Acupuncture IS NOT Traditional Acupuncture (traditional Chinese medicine) which is based on meridians. The foundation of Biomedical Acupuncture is based on neuroanatomy and modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular…
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Cupping Therapy 101 – What It Is, Why to Get It and What to Expect By Tri Minh

Is the pain of cupping worth the end result? The truth is, even we aren’t sure. Pain by definition can be ‘real’ or ‘perceived’ and so the answer is personal to every individual patient. That being said, we see many great things happen over the course of a treatment. It is more common to see…
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Should I Get an Ergonomic Assessment? By Spencer Yam

WFH – the most recent acronym to hit our everyday vocabulary, and the new era of how many of us define “work”. Can you guess what it stands for? That’s right, work from home. Wake up, roll out of bed -insert coffee- take 10 steps to the make-shift work space, sit for 6 hours or…
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Is your headache ominous? How do you know? By Catherine Oakley

Everyone has suffered from a headache at some point in their life.They can range from a mild pain to debilitating and can occur periodically to daily. A lot of us turn to medication for fast pain relief. Though effective for short term relief this is simply not a solution and is merely putting a ‘bandaid’…
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smart goals physiotherapy barrhaven ontario


If I complete half my goals in any given week, it’s a win. I tend to give myself more goals than I can possibly complete in a day, week or month.  Which may be why I only ever get to half. Today one of my goals was to write a blog – and here it…
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Human Connection and Social Responsibility


Human connection and a social responsibility are essential to leading a healthy life.  How we schedule and manage our health is different for everyone. It’s interesting to recognize that our current reality has caused these 2 pillars of health to collide.  We have been asked to remove basic human connection in order to uphold social…
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